Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lots of Fun, Lots of Knitting

Whew! Much has happened since I last posted, including lots of knitting (as promised). Let's get right into it, shall we? Right before I fell off the face of the Earth the posts became scarce, I was preparing for a girls' weekend. There was lots to do, and I put most of it off until the last minute. Naturally, I didn't end up finding time to update the blog right before I left. And you know I thought about posting while I was away, but I didn't have a spare moment, really. OK, maybe I did have a couple of moments--but it was a girls' weekend, so those were MY moments, if you will. Aw, I knew you'd understand.

Every year, I partake in a big scrapbooking weekend in Cape Cod. I know, scrapbooking is a little cliche, but seeing as I'm a mother in the 21st century, I believe I am in fact obliged to do so, if I'm not mistaken. Truth be told, I do enjoy it. So every spring, my CM consultant organizes a special weekend for all of us crazy scrappin' fools and we stay on the Cape at the Old Sea Pines Inn in Brewster. This year, I roomed with Krista and boy-oh-boy, did we have the ticket. Best room in the house, as far as I could tell.

seapines inn

We had a huge bathroom, separate bedroom, and this lovely living room. Lots of seating, so we planned to knit quite a bit, and a fireplace, too! Sweet. We even had a kitchen area to boot.

cape weekend

Krista was kind enough to bring along her coffeemaker, which was a huge bonus. Perhaps she was only trying to ensure that I'd have my morning coffee fix, thus protecting herself and all her limbs? Maybe. She does know me pretty well. The girl even remembered filters, the coffee itself, sugar and yummy creamer. We had all the necessities...

cape weekend

Um, things may have gotten a little bit out of hand. Yeah.

Much fun was had, though. This was my fourth year at the Cape, and usually I am all business. I want to make progress on my albums. I'm prepared and ready to go. I get up early for breakfast and get right to scrappin'. I stay up late cropping and pasting, etc. And I get home exhausted, but with lots to show for my efforts. This year, I didn't want to be exhausted. You know what I mean? I thought, it's a girls' weekend, and I always spend it working like a dog! What's with that? So this year, I had other priorities. Mostly, I just wanted to have a lot of fun, make some progress, maybe knit a bit.

I did meet my goal of fun. I didn't scrap like a crazy person (thought I did get twenty or so pages done, which is awesome) and I enjoyed myself. If I wanted a break, I took one. If I didn't want to set an alarm for breakfast, I didn't. I had a huge migraine on Friday night and I didn't worry about "getting stuff done", I just hit the hay early so I'd feel better. By the way, best decision all weekend. Krista and I enjoyed coffee in the morning together and sat around in our living room telling stories and laughing. I enjoyed several meals out, without any short people crying or whining or needing food cut up. Krista and I made Cosmos (seriously, the girl is *prepared*) Saturday night and just got silly and crazy.

We did not knit, which was sad, but we had fun. I enjoyed my weekend, my sleep, my quiet and my "girl talk". Yeah, like the kind you used to have in the dorms late at night with your girlfriends? When you were all kind of tipsy and just blabbing away? When you were afraid someone was going to knock on the door because you were all making way too much noise and it was like 2:30 in the morning? That kind. And it rocked.

I came back refreshed. Oh, yeah.

And it was a good thing, too. You should have seen the house when I got back.

Just kidding...thanks, Brian.

baby cardigan

Ps. I didn't really get to much of the knitting progress, but here's a shot of the baby sweater I've been working on. It'll have to tide you over, and I'll show you more next post. I cast on for some socks for Spencer and a charity project. Pics are coming.


Anonymous said...

The baby sweater is super cute.

Glad to hear you had fun at the Cape. As a mom, your friend and most importantly your sister, I'm glad that you got to get out and have some Jill time. I had to chuckle too cause it is soooo nice when you can go out to dinner and eat your meal when it comes out not prep everyone elses.

Can't wait to see the pages.

Shewolfy said...

Wow! It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time! Good for you!
I don't blame you for keeping up the scrapbooking. I wish it had been popular when my troops were small - I might not have a nightmare tub'o'photos stashed in the closet, waiting rather overwhelmingly for me to try to deal with it.
That baby sweater is absolutely precious.

Qutecowgirl said...

Ahh Cape Cod, one of my favorite places on earth. I was reading your post and thinking I can't remember when some of that stuff happened =)

I have yet to get into scrapbooking (although I do have one of those rubbermaid tub filled with scrap booking stuff- go figure) I so need more time in the day! (of course this extra time would only be allowed to be used for fun stuff)


Jen said...

Haha! Love the coffee creamer and vodka shot! Super cute sweater, too!!!

My sister does a lot of scrapping, but I never got hooked on it. Sounds like a ton of fun though!!!

Brian said...

we need more posts :)

How was seeing the Harlot @ webs